Have you ever been on a camping trip, on holiday at home or abroad, or simply out in the country side or your garden and suffered from bites?
If so... Eureka! ...We have the solution.

Eureka’s range of natural products repels midges, mosquitoes, horseflies, sand flies, in fact all ‘biting nasties’.

In our shop we have Eureka repellents to suit every skin type from the most sensitive children and adults’ skin, to the most toughened outdoor skin. We also have an insect repellent for use on horses and dogs.

Eureka is a family business established 20 years ago on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland. All our repellent products are based around a carefully balanced blend of essential oils, which are renowned for their non-toxic and soothing qualities.

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Midgy Bites...

  • Midge Mayhem

    Midge Mayhem

    Everything you really didn’t want to know about the Midge!

  • New Site Launched

    New Site Launched

    Enjoy browsing our new and improved, ‘midge free’ website and shop.