Insect Repellents – A Few of Our Many Endorsements

Dr. Gareth Smith, taken from “7 days health” Sunday Mail
Q I have always taken a bad reaction to insect bites and most repellents bring me out in a rash. I am going on holiday soon. What can I do to avoid getting eaten alive by mosquitoes?

A —-“There is a herbal insect repellent made in Scotland called Bite Free and is available on 01546 602884. I have used this and found it to be excellent. And because it is made from natural ingredients it smells quite pleasant”.

Reverend Heather Williams, Weston-super-Mare
—-“I am delighted that I have at long last found a spray that really does keep the midges at bay, and if one does slip through “the net” the soother quickly removes the irritation”

Siobhan and Nick Taylor. Rutland
“Thanks for the urgently required supplies bite soother; they arrived the next day——-I am allergic to bites and come up the size of golf balls——thank you for an excellent product and a considerate and speedy service”

Mrs P Atkins.  Yorkshire
“To the makers of Bite Free. I felt I must put pen to paper to congratulate you on your wonderful product——I bought it and used it in Scotland where the midges have caused us sheer misery during previous visits. How different this year was!——we found it very effective in Spain and Norway”

Scott Munroe. Glencoe
—the Natural Neem was especially effective on the shores of Loch Lomond where NOTHING has worked for us before——

Jennifer. Isle of Harris
“—-the best repellent I have ever tried—-“

Amanda. Skye
“—–this is the first year my horse has had a full mane and tail as it usually gets rubbed away because of the bug bites—-“

Jim Weldon. Helensburgh
Please supply me with 6 bottles of Eureka. This is the only Midge Lotion I have found which works. Recently when playing  golf my companions had used Jungle Formula, Shoo and Mosiguard and I was the only one who did not get bitten—“