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We have learned that different oils work on different skin and that finding the right midge and mosquito repellent  can need a bit of “trial and error”

Please note that you can buy directly online but if you would prefer to discuss your requirements first, please feel free to telephone us on +44 (0) 1852 500 577 to place your order and pay by card. 



Our original product is still unsurpassed for those with VERY sensitive skin unable to tolerate most cosmetic preparations. This repellent contains a balanced blend of geranium and lavender oils which are renowned for their kindness to skin and their midge and mosquito repelling qualities. Does not contain any Diethyl Tolumide (“deet”), citronella or alcohol. Available in 50ml pump spray, £8-00 including p&p


This is an oil based midge and mosquito repellent making it water resistant. The product was designed for those of our customers who expect to be out in wet weather, partaking in water sports or perspiring heavily.  Not everyone likes oil on their skin and care must be taken near delicate clothing. Does not contain any Diethyl Tolumide (“deet”), citronella or alcohol. Available in 50ml pump spray, £8-00 including p&p


This is our most popular midge and mosquito repellent and is ideal for all of the family, which is why we were asked to do it in a family size in addition to the regular 50ml. Bite Free contains a wider range of oils including lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus and is ideal for people with sensitive and normal skin. Does not contain Diethyl Tolumide (“deet”), citronella or alcohol. Available in 50ml and 120ml pump spray. £8-00 50ml £12-00 120ml


Many people do not apply midge and mosquito repellent until after they have been bitten. 

This topical cooling soother takes away the irritating itchiness that occurs after being bitten. Bite Soother contains alcohol which cleans the area (lowering the possibility of infection) then quickly evaporates leaving a light film of soothing, healing essential oil. This product is used sparingly and is easy to apply. 

Available in a handy 10ml roll on bottle, £5-00 including p&p

NO BOTHER For horses

Midges and mosquitoes are equally troublesome to horses as they are to humans so No Bother has been formulated to be equally effective.  This blend of essential oils and fragrances provide instant and long lasting relief for horses, in particular to those with SWEET ITCH because of its soothing and healing properties. No Bother contains coat conditioners and has is accumulative. This product will not dry or fade the coat. No Bother does not contain any Diethyl Tolumide (“deet”), citronella or alcohol. Available in 500ml trigger spray £19-00 including p&p (We also supply a concentrate refill which cuts the cost p&p £14-00


This fine mesh hood is ideal for protection from flying insects.

It is designed to fit over most size and shapes of hat or can be worn without a hat.  It has an elasticated neck closure and a pouch bag included for easy storage. No chemicals are used.

One size fits all, £5-50 including p&p